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Sophie Madeleine: Love.Life.Ukulele.

Sophie Madeleine
Love. Life. Ukulele.

Sola Rosa: Get It Together

Sola Rosa
Get It Together



BCWax produces high-quality physical artifacts of some of the very best independent music hosted on Bandcamp. Why is a digital music company pressing records? Because we believe in the eternal power of physical goods to delight, and to act as a legacy and means of self-expression for their owner. Because we believe software gets better when the people building it actively use it. Because we want to demonstrate to others the kinds of goods we ourselves would like to buy. And because we want to test out a different kind of model for a record label.

For BCWax, A&R consists of browsing through aggregate system stats, seeing which bands are exhibiting the early signs of success, giving them a listen, and discovering favorites. Production and manufacturing consists of taking an already excellent recording and coordinating the production of an awesome physical package around it. Distribution is Bandcamp itself. And the record "deal" is nothing more than a co-marketing agreement, where we recoup our manufacturing costs and then share the profits with the artist (but take no ownership rights in the music). It's a model that diverges enough from a traditional label role that it seems wrong to even call it a label. "Unlabel" maybe? Yeah, OK, maybe not.

We hope you'll collect BCWax releases because first and foremost, they're great albums and great physical packages. But we also hope you'll pick them up because you believe in a world where motivated, independent artists can make a living selling directly to their fans, with little outside help.

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